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Sticking with what we are good at, installing Solar P.V - THAT'S IT!

Sometimes there is beauty in simplicity. Solar businesses thrive with quality solar power installations large or small… Seek perfection always. - fussy solar installers at every level. 

Pic: 2kW (8 x 250W) of photovoltaic solar panels still pumping the solar energy goodness even on a cloudy day in Perth, Western Australia! 

Solar tip: Get to know your local solar power professionals for repairs, maintenance and contract installation services. Technically trained solar energy specialists like solarboyau help companies selling solar panels and packages receive referrals through precision installation practice’s. Customers notice the difference!

Pic: 2kW (8 x 250W) of photovoltaic solar panels soaking up the Perth, Western Australia sunshine. 

Just because there’s wintery weather conditions about, it doesn’t mean solar installations need to stop… Specialist solar energy contractors always get the job done, and most importantly always get that #SolarPower job done right! 

Pic: 3kW (12 x 250W) of photovoltaic solar panels installed on a wintery old day in mostly very sunny Perth Western Australia by team solarboyau!  

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Solar fact: Roof tops love solar energy too! Roof tops with solar power system’s installed are less likely to lose cover in high winds (even cyclones) due to the extra strengthening properties required to mount the the multi-condition photovoltaic panel mounting frames. The good solar installers (such as team solarboyau) will always construct solar to handle the worst possible conditions. 

Pic: 5kW (20 x 250W) of tilted solar panels professionally installed in Perth Western Australia by team SOLAR BOY! Check out more at

A superior solar installation will enable higher annual solar energy generation from any solar power system. In turn equalling greater customer satisfaction… This very simple equation in photovoltaic’s can be found only at

Pic: 2kW Solar upgrade in very sunny Perth WA by team solarboyau, CEC accredited contract solar installers, your only solution! 

Solar energy can open ones eyes… Where energy production allows environment to continue flourishing. It’s not art, it’s just modern technology available to everyone right now. 

Pic: 11 x 250W solar panels generating 2.75kW of solar power in sunny Perth, Western Australia.  

Solar Panel Quality Matters 

Selecting solar panels to perform specifically for Perth, Western Australia requires more consideration than first thought… Don’t be left with an under-performing extreme solar energy hazard on your roof, read this first…


The air we breathe today determines the life we lead tomorrow. Let’s continue to move forwards, not backwards. Please show your support and ensure Tony Abbott and the liberalpartyofaustralia hear what Australian’s want for a better future and most of all our children’s future…

We need your support to help save the renewable energy target #SaveTheRET

#ASolarBoyDifference & the reason why Perth, Australia is a sensational region to install solar power - just look at the picture!

Pic: 8 x 250W (2kW) solar panels installed in sunny Western Australia generating clean green solar energy. 

All electricity is emission free, it’s how it is generated that determines if it is clean energy. Solar energy is a great reliable clean energy source in Australia. An initial outlay to offset ongoing consumption costs is also the other appeal.

Get familiar with solar power and benefit all round. Pic: 3.5kW of solar panels installed in rural Perth, Western Australia.

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